ICMIEE 2018 Papers

  1. The Effect of Swirl on Array of Turbulent Impinging Jets
    Sudipta Debnath*, Md Habib Ullah Khan, Zahir U. Ahmed, Md. Mahmodul Alam || download ||

  2. Design, Construction and Performance Test of a Box Type Solar Cooker
    Al Aman, Syed Istiaq Mahmud, Md. Nawsher Ali Moral, Jamshedul Islam, Shahinur Rahman || download ||

  3. Design, Simulation, and Economic Analysis of an Optimal Mini-grid Solar-Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Generation System for a Remote Island of Bangladesh
    Sk. Suzauddin Yusuf1*, Md. Mahmodul Alam2, Md. Hasan Ali3, Nirendra Nath Mustafi4 || download ||

  4. Boundary Layer Flow of Micropolar Fluid over a Stretching Conical Surface with Magnetic Effect
    M. Ali* 1, M. A. Alim2, R. Nasrin3, Md. Delowar Hossain4|| download ||

  5. Effect of Nano Particle and Aspect Ratio in Natural Convection Heat Transfer in a Rectangular Enclosure: A Numerical Analysis
    Md. Shariful Islam *, Mohammad Ilias Inam|| download ||

  6. Implementation of 9S Approach in a Jute Industry: A Case Study
    Md. Sumon Rahman1*, Md. Ariful Islam2, Md. Tahiduzzaman1, Md. Shohanur Rahman1|| download ||

  7. Numerical Investigation of Laminar Convective Heat Transfer and Friction Factor of a Pipe by Using Al2O3-Water Nanofluid
    Md. Insiat Islam Rabby1,*, Md. Safwat Amin Alvi1, Md. Sazedur Rahman1, A.K.M Sadrul Islam 1 || download ||

  8. Significance of Cotton Cultivation to Keep Sustainable RMG Sector in Bangladesh
    Md. NurUddin,*, Nayan Chandra roy, Md. Delwar hassain, and Md. Abdur Rahim || download ||

  9. CFD Study on Aerodynamic Effects of NACA 2412 Airfoil as Rear Wing on a Sports Car
    Shamudra Dey1,*, Ranabir Saha2 || download ||

  10. Recovery of Liquid Fuel through Thermal Pyrolysis of Medical Waste (Waste Syringe) in a Batch Reactor
    Adnan Abedeen1,Uday Som2,Farzana Rahman3,Md. Rezaul Karim4 andMd. Moniruzzaman5and Md. Shameem Hossain1* || download ||

  11. Numerical Study of a Stand-alone Flat Plate Solar Water Heater using Rectangular Flow Channel with Fin
    F. Rashid, M.R.I Sarker, S .S.Tuly, J. Ferdous, R. A. Beg || download ||

  12. Effect of Inertia and Gravity on Three Dimensional Non-isothermal Film Stability
    Kazi Rumman Islam*, Zahir. U. Ahmed || download ||

  13. Study of Alternative Fuel Extracted from Solid Waste
    Susmita Das Puja 1,*, Md. Golam kader 2 || download ||

  14. Integrated Approach of Ergonomics and MCDM into Truck Drivers’ Seat Comfort: A Case Study in Bangladesh
    Pobitra Halder1, 2,*, Chitralekha Karmaker2, Mustafizur Rahman2 || download ||

  15. Investigation of the Effect of Sample Geometry on Drying Energy Requirement of Plant-Based Food Materials
    Md. Washim Akram1,*, Mohammad U. H. Joardder2 || download ||

  16. Numerical Study of Pumping Power and Volumetric Flow Rate Advantage of SiC-Water Nanofluid through a Channel
    Md. Insiat Islam Rabby*, Farzad Hossain, Md. Ehsanul Hasan, Md. Abdullah Al-Amin, A.K.M Sadrul Islam || download ||

  17. Optimization of an Emergency Relief Supply Model using Genetic Algorithm along with a Framework for Structuring Humanitarian Logistics Distribution Network
    Shekh Rasel1 , Md. Mahmudul Hasan Bhuiyan1, Khairun Nahar2* || download ||

  18. Barriers against the Development of Solar Cooker & its Solution
    Tamal Chowdhury1,*,Hemal Chowdhury2, Piyal Chowdhury 3,Abul Hasnat1,Birol Barua1 ,Rabiul Islam1 || download ||

  19. Biodiesel Production from Chicken Skin: a Green Energy for Bangladesh
    Tamal Chowdhury a*,Hemal Chowdhuryb,Pranta Baruaa, Rabiul Islama, Bodius Salamb || download ||

  20. Feasibility of Integrated Pico Hydro System at Choto Komoldoho, Mirsharai
    Tamal Chowdhurya*, Hemal Chowdhury b, Piyal Chowdhuryc, Abul Hasnata, Birol Baruaa || download ||

  21. Analysis of a Solar PV System for Aeration System in Aquaculture
    Tamal Chowdhury a*, Hemal Chowdhuryb, Piyal Chowdhury c, Abul Hasnat a, Birol Barua a, Rabiul Islama || download ||

  22. Assessment of Water Saturation Using Archie’s Formula, Indonesia Equation and Simandoux Model of Shahbazpur Gas Field (SBZ 01)
    Jebin Fouzia*, Shehab Uddin || download ||

  23. Proposition of Additive Manufacturing Technique for Artificial Bone Implantations and Its Feasibility Assessment via Cost Analysis
    Nusrath Zahan1, M.Fakhrul Islam Jony2, and Khairun Nahar3* || download ||

  24. Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Tubular Heat Exchanger with Twisted Tape Inserts
    Sadman Hassan Labib1, Md. Riad Arefin Himel1, Jobayer Ibn Ali 1, Anjan Goswami2, * || download ||

  25. Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Tubular Heat Exchanger with Twisted Tape Inserts
    Sadman Hassan Labib1, Md. Riad Arefin Himel1, Jobayer Ibn Ali 1, Anjan Goswami2, * || download ||

  26. Drive Cycle of Heavy Vehicles in Dhaka City: A Case Study
    M. Fahim Asif Khan, Mirza Farhan Hasin, Md. Jubayer Hossain*, Anjan Goswami, and Mozammel Mia || download ||

  27. Study on Bio-Fertilizer Extraction and Management of Municipal Solid Waste of Khulna City
    Debasish Adhikary*, Md. Shahidul Islam || download ||

  28. Design and Numerical Analysis of Suspension Geometry for a Formula Student Race Car
    Shafi Md. Istiak* || download ||

  29. Performance Analysis of Nylon Made Vortex Tube
    Tirtha Sen Guptaa , Radif Uddin Ahmeda, Hemal Chowdhury a*,Tamal Chowdhuryb*, Md.Tazul Islama || download ||

  30. Feasibility Study of Pico Hydro Power Plant in Shongrampunji Waterfall for Clean Environment
    Syed Tahmid Hussan1,*, Pranta Barua2 || download ||

  31. Agricultural Scenario and Solar Irrigation System of Bangladesh
    M. S. Islam*, Md. Bakhtierkhalzi, Sabbir Ahmed, Pronob Das || download ||

  32. An Automatic Solar Tracking System Using Programmable Logic Controller
    M. E. Hoque, F. Rashid*, S. Shahriar, M. K. Islam || download ||

  33. Development of Water Transport Network in the Northern Region of Dhaka City
    Abu Sumaiya1, *, Nazmul Alam Nahid2, Md. Mashiur Rahaman3, , Khandaker Rasel Hasan4, ABM Mahbubar Rashid5 1, 2, 3 || download ||

  34. Prediction of Resistance, Sinkage and Trim of a Bulk Carrier by Computational Fluid Dynamics Method
    Md. Rakibul Hasan, Md. Abdur Rahim, Md. Sharier Islam, Md. Mashiur Rahaman* || download ||

  35. Heat Storage System: A Modern Way to Reuse and Recycle Energy to Reduce Thermal Pollution
    Md. Fahel Bin Noor*, Ahsan Habib, Bijoy Mallick || download ||

  36. Feasibility Study of Hybrid Renewable Energy System for Electrification of Kutubdia
    Tamal Chowdhury a*, Hemal Chowdhuyb, Piyal Chowdhuryc, Monirul Islam Miskata || download ||

  37. Production of Syngas using Entrained Flow Gasification of Pine Bark Biomass Aiming to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission from Power Generation
    M. Shahabuddin*, Sankar Bhattacharya || download ||

  38. Economic Viability of Biomass Power plant in Bangladesh
    Tamal Chowdhury a*,Hemal Chowdhuryb, Piyal Chowdhuryc, Pranta Barua a, Monirul Islam Miskata || download ||

  39. Finned-tube Heat Exchanger with Circular, Elliptical & Rectangular Tubes with Watervapor as Working Fluid
    Md. Hasibul Hasan*, Dipayan Mondal || download ||

  40. Experimental Study on NACA 2415 Airfoil with Rotating Cylinder at Leading Edge
    Nashidul Islam*, Md. Mamun Islam, Mohammad Mashud, Abdullah Al Faruk || download ||

  41. Numerical Solution of One-Dimensional Heat Equation by Crank Nicolson Method
    Md. Amirul Islam1,*, S.M. Kamal Hossain2, Abdur Rashid3 || download ||

  42. Air Pollutants Emission from Coal Fired Kiln and Its Variation for Use of Different Fuel Types
    Md. Riad-Ul-Hasan*, Kazi ABM Mohiuddin|| download ||

  43. Numerical Investigation of Low Velocity Impact on Polystyrene Foam Core Based Sandwich Composites
    Md. Ahatashamul, Haque Khan Shuvo*, Md. Arifuzzaman|| download ||

  44. Dyeing of 100% Cotton Fabric using Natural Dye, Mordant and Natural Finish
    A. K. M.Nayab-Ul-Hossain1*, Mohammad Naim Hassan1, Aniruddha Sarkar2 , S. M. Kamrul Hasan2, Kaniz Fatima Mishfa2|| download ||

  45. Enhancement of Tube Side Heat Transfer using Twisted Stainless-Steel Angle
    Md. Tarif Raihan|| download ||

  46. Biomaterials Serving the Purpose of Drug Delivery in Human Body
    Talukdar Raian Ferdous*, Tahsin Solaiman|| download ||

  47. Influence of Industrial Bleach Wash on the Physical and Comfort Properties of Denim Garments
    Niaz Morshed Rifat*, Joy Sarkar|| download ||

  48. Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Jute-Betelnut Husk Fiber (BHF) Reinforced Epoxy Composite
    Tanvirul Islam*, Md.Shakhwat Hossain, Md.Mahmudul Hasan|| download ||

  49. Thermal Hydraulics Simulation of Fuel Sub-Assembly for 1200 MWe Nuclear Power Reactor
    Taosif Alam1,*, Dr. M. A. R. Sarkar2|| download ||

  50. Investigation on Performance of Grass, Orange and Potato as Substrate of Microbial Fuel Cell
    Nawrin Rahman Shefa1, Ismat Ara Eti1, Md. Jony Reza1, Sonaton Biswas1, Md. Abdul Halim2*|| download ||

  51. Experimental Investigation on Three Different Natural Convection Cabinet Solar Dryer for Food Drying Applications
    Md. Imrul Islam1, Mehedi Hasan Tusar1*, Amir Hamza Limon1, Majedul Islam1,2|| download ||

  52. Dust Effect on Glass Transmittance and Mirror Reflectance of Solar Collectors
    Mehedi Hasan Tusar*, Amir Hamza Limon, Abdullah Al Noman, Goutam Das|| download ||

  53. Experimental Investigation of an Air to Air Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger for Moderate Temperature Waste Heat Recovery
    Saddam Hossen*, Mahmud-Or-Rashid, Mantaka Taimullah, Farhan Ahmed Shakil, and Dr.A K M Monjur Morshed|| download ||

  54. CFD Analysis of Two-Phase (Oil-Water) Flow in Horizontal Pipe
    Md. Abir Hasan*, Mohammad Ilias Inam|| download ||

  55. Development of Surface Mounted concentrator for Photovoltaic solar cell
    Md Anwar Hossain1*, YiHong Zhang12|| download ||

  56. Reduction of Chatter in Turning by Using A Tool Holder with High Damping Coefficient
    A H M Shahjahan*, Amin Hasan Khan, Jannatun Naeema and A.K.M. Nurul Amin|| download ||

  57. Difficulties to Develop a Four Legged Robot
    Mohammad Harun-Or-Rashid, Mostafijur Rahman, Sabrina Rashid|| download ||

  58. Numerical Study of Heat Transfer and Flow Characteristics in a Rectangular Channel with Rib Type Turbulent Promoters
    Sunanda Kumar Saha*, Md Mosarof Hossain , Dr. Mohammad Ali|| download ||

  59. Effect of Tip Speed Ratio on the Flow Characteristics of Single-bladed Darrieus Wind Turbine
    Md. Tanvir Khan, Mohammad Ilias Inam, Abdullah Al-Faruk|| download ||

  60. Environmental Impact of Nuclear Power Plant (Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant) on Third World Country like Bangladesh
    Md. Nesar Ali1*, Md. Ridwan Ullah2and Shuva Sarkar3|| download ||

  61. Prediction of Weld Quality by Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Parameters of MIG Welding Process
    Israt Zarin Era*, Dr Nikhil Ranjan dhar|| download ||

  62. Comprehensive Hazard Identification and Safety Evaluation for Shahjalal Fertilizer Industry Limited
    Shanzida Sultana Ema*, Anamika Roy, Md Tanvir Sowgath|| download ||

  63. Numerical Study on Aero-Acoustic Behavior for Flow over a Supercritical Airfoil at Low Reynolds Number
    Syed Angkan Haider, Tanveer Islam Joy, Md. Fazlur Rahman Akanda|| download ||

  64. Construction and Performance Test of a Manual Pipe Bending Machine
    S. M. Moinur Rahman and A. N. M Mizanur Rahman*|| download ||

  65. Development and Performance Test of Gearless Power Transmission System
    Md. Jewel Rana1 and A. N. M Mizanur Rahman2,*|| download ||

  66. Development of an Izod Impact Test Machine for Non-Metals
    Mohammad Emran Hossain and A.N.M. Mizanur Rahman*|| download ||

  67. Construction and Performance Test of a Pedal Operated Double Cylinder Reciprocating Pump
    Abdullah al Musabbir1 and A.N.M Mizanur Rahman2,*|| download ||

  68. Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Supersonic Flow over a Circular Cylinder
    Shawon Kumar Saha|| download ||

  69. Metal Surface Defect Inspection through Deep Neural Network
    Md. Fantacher Islam 1,*, Md. Mahbubur Rahman 2|| download ||

  70. Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of Vehicles Using CFD Simulation
    Ahmed Zawad Ul Hoque*, Mohammad Ariful Islam, Md. Ahatashamul Haque Khan Shuvo|| download ||

  71. Application of Lean and Six Sigma Tool to Waste Reduction and Productivity Improvement in Footwear Industry
    Adhir Chandra Paul,*, Noor-E-Imam, Shakhawath Hossain|| download ||

  72. Studies on Sewing Complication through Pareto Chart and Cause-Effect Diagram analysis of a Footwear Industry
    Adhir Chandra Paul*, Md. Atikul Islam, Md. Shohag Hossain || download ||

  73. Planning for Budget Allocation in Digital Marketing
    Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Al-Muktadir, and Samiya Rahman || download ||

  74. Self-Balancing Autonomous Unicycle using Raspberry Pi
    Pulok Tarafder1,*, Moyukh Amin1, Syed Samiul Alam Mehrab2, Abdullah Al Maruf1 || download ||

  75. Available and Cost Reductive Materials in Bangladesh Having an Eye to Bone Treatment
    Talukdar Raian Ferdous* || download ||

  76. Numerical Analysis of Energy Harvesting on a Wind Turbine Blade by Using Piezoelectric Material
    Md. Faidid Ahasan1, Mohammad Fuad Hassan1, Dipayan Mondal 2 || download ||

  77. Application of Extracted and Modified Gelatin from the Leather Solid Waste in Commercial Finishing Agents
    Priyanka Saha Gita*, Zia Uddin Md. Chowdhury || download ||

  78. Investigation of Different Mechanical Properties on Various Hybrid Natural Fiber Based Polymer Composites
    Rahul Sarker*, Md. Shahidul Islam || download ||

  79. Ergonomic Analysis of Bangladeshi Train Passengers
    Sajia Afrin Shifa*, Md. Golam Kibria || download ||

  80. An Experimental and Simulation Study of Larger Volume Micro discharge for the Realization of Microplama Based Reactor Applicable to Fuel Reforming and Material Processing
    R. K. Das1,*, Dr. A.Z.A Saifullah2 || download ||

  81. Harnessing the Ocean's Wave Power for Bangladesh’s Dynamic Coastal Areas
    Md. Mahbub Hasan*, Md. Ashfaqul Islam, Sheikh Ahmad Imtiyaz, Md. Akramul Alim, Md. Momtazur Rahman, and Md. Mahmudul Hasan|| download ||

  82. Efficiency of Tamarindusindica Seed Charcoal for Chromium Removal from Tannery Wastewater
    Md. Abul Hashem*, Kallol Paul, Mst. Nazmin Zaman Khan, and Mehedi Hasan|| download ||

  83. Evaluation of Sewing Performance of Leather, Denim and PVC Coated Fabric Based on Seam Puckering, Seam Strength and Seam Efficiency
    Muhammad Naimul Hasan*, Md.Imrul Kayes Limon, Md. Jasidul Haque, Nabilul Hasan, Athher Shadab|| download ||

  84. Experimental Study on Wheel Alignment System of Light Vehicles
    Riton Kumer Das, Md. Abu Mowazzem Hossain* and Md. Tazul Isalm|| download ||

  85. Amino Acids Extraction from Hair Dissolving Liming Waste to Reduce Pollution in Tannery
    Sadia Mim, Anika Tabassum, and Md. Abul Hashem*|| download ||

  86. A study on minimization of injury and accidental causes in cutting, sewing and finishing units of RMG industries
    1 Israt Parveen, 1Mosammot Nelufa akter, 2Shima Shil, 3 Md. Mehedi Hasan and 4Md. Iqbal Mahmud*|| download ||

  87. Forecasting Demand by GMDH Predictor, a Case Study
    Syed Misbah Uddin*, Aminur Rahman, Emtiaz Uddin Ansari|| download ||

  88. Implications of Bangladesh’s Present Energy Transition on Energy Trilemma
    Shafiqul Alam1,*, Md. Golam Kader2 || download ||

  89. Effect of Blended Yarn on Physical Properties of Single Jersey Knitted Fabrics
    Mohammad Naim Hassan*, A.K .M Nayab Ul Hossain, Md. Shakhawat Hossain, Moni Sankar Mondal, Joy sarkar, Rezve Hassan Aunik|| download ||

  90. Sizing of Warp Yarn with a Different Concentration of Animal Fat and Acids and Determination of the Performance in Comparing with Conventional Sized Yarn
    Joy Sarkar1,*,Md. Shamsuzzaman Rasel2|| download ||

  91. Natural Gas Scenarios in Bangladesh and Its Future
    Md. Saruar Jahan1, Md. Abu Raihan1, Mohammad Iqbal1, Farhad Hawlader2|| download ||

  92. Fabrication of a Long Distance Controlled Pan-Tilt Mechanism for Camera
    Soma Sarker, Asif Ahmed Shishir*, Shilpi Rani Saha|| download ||

  93. Design & Fabrication of Low Cost GSM Based Wireless Controlled Robot
    Asif Ahmed Shishir, Soma Sarker, Md. Sefatullah|| download ||

  94. The Variation of Concrete Strength using Wastetyre Rubber as Coarse Aggregate
    Md. Ashiqul Islam, Tuhin Hasan Shagar, MD. Raihan Bhuiyan|| download ||

  95. Dmaic Approach for Process Improvement: Improving Fabric Width Shrinkage of Basic T Shirt
    Swarnalekha Khandker1, and Tasin Us Sakib2|| download ||

  96. Design of Automated Biodiesel Blend Plant and Analysis of Rotational Effect on Biodiesel Blends
    Shaurin Maher Kikky1, Leonard Sunny Peris2,*|| download ||

  97. Evaluating the Impact of Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant on Water: A Case Study of Barapukuria Dinajpur, Bangladesh
    Md. Mustafizur Rahman, Md. Arif Hossain, M. Farhad Howladar|| download ||

  98. Design and Fabrication of an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
    Mohammad Harun-Or-Rashid,*, Diprajit Biswas|| download ||

  99. Study the Attitude of a Seesaw to Develop Flying Robots
    Mohammad Harun-Or-Rashid, and Md. Nadim Bin Wahid|| download ||

  100. Biofuels Extraction through Pyrolysis of Banana Waste
    Saikat Biswas*, Sudip Saha, Mohammad Ariful Islam|| download ||

  101. Designing Approach of Blimp for a Hybrid VTOL Aerial Robot
    Md.Tasnim Rana*, Md. Shahidul Islam|| download ||

  102. Design and Construction of a Three-Axis Automated Drilling Mechanism with Depth Controllability
    Sudip Saha*, Saikat Biswas, Md. Kutub Uddin|| download ||

  103. Efficacy of Watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus) Rind Charcoal for Chromium Removal from Tannery Wastewater
    Nabila Nowrin, Tasnim Alam, Sofia Payel, Md. Shahruk Nur-A-Tomal, Md. Abul Hashem*|| download ||

  104. Design Construction and Performance Test of a Low-Cost Portable Mechanical Ventilator for Respiratory Disorder
    S. M. Tamjid Hossain1,*, Mihir Ranjan Halder1, Al Aman1, Md. Rakibul Islam2, Md. Tarek Rahman1|| download ||

  105. 2D CFD Analysis of a Straight-bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Using General Grid Interface Method
    Farah Aqilah1, Mazharul Islam*1, Franjo Juretic2, Waqar Asrar3|| download ||

  106. Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer for Double Pipe Heat Exchanger with and Without Fin
    Jamshedul Islam*, Al Aman, and Mihir Ranjan Halder|| download ||

  107. Comparative Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer between Nonporous and Porous Cylindrical Fins
    Farida Ahmed Koly*, Abu Raihan Ibna Ali, Moham Ed Abdur Razzaq, and Mostafizur Rahman|| download ||

  108. Performance of Heat Transfer of A Plain Tube Fitted With V-Shaped Twisted Tape Inserts of Copper And Stainless Steel Material for Turbulent Flow
    Mostafizur Rahman, Moham Ed Abdur Razzaq*, Abdullah Al Noman, Jamal Uddin Ahamed|| download ||

  109. Performance Analysis of Hydroxy Gas Generator by Varying Conditions of Electrolyte Concentration, Temperature and Time
    Joy Datta1*, Dr. Md. Abu Mowazzem Hossai𝐱 and Radif Uddin Ahme𝐲|| download ||

  110. Techniques to Improve the Parallel Finite Element Method to Solve Large Scale Problems
    Abul Mukid Mohammad Mukaddes1, Masao Ogino2, and Ryuji Shioya3|| download ||

  111. Pyrolysis of Sawdust for Bio-Oil Production using Infrared Heat Source
    Md. Rabiul Islam, Muhammad Mostafa Kamal Bhuiya*, Bably Das,Mostafizur Rahman and Amir Hamza Limon|| download ||

  112. Cleaning of Accumulated Dust Particle of a Flat Plate Solar Collector
    Amir Hamza Limon, Muhammad Mostafa Kamal Bhuiya*, Mostafizur Rahman and Majedul Islam|| download ||

  113. Stress Analysis of Welded Joint Portions at Rear-side Footrests of Public Transportation like Human Hauler
    Mohammad Asheful Alam*, M S Rabbi, Sama-E-Shan,Md. Shamim Hasan|| download ||

  114. Wear behavior of Different Impeller Materials for Pumping Various Slurry
    Sandip Karmokar1, Sohaban Mia2, Md. Abdul Hasib3|| download ||

  115. Experimental Investigations of Phase Change Material (PCM) Based Pin Finned Heat Sinks for Cooling Electronic Equipment
    Md. Ponir Hossain Talukder, Kazi Afzalur Rahman*|| download ||

  116. Influence of Interlayer Thickness on the Singular Stress Field in 3D Three-Layered Bonded Joints Using FEM
    Md. Jahangir Hossain*, Md. Shahidul Islam|| download ||

  117. Productivity Enhancement of Single Basin Solar Still using Al2O3 Nanoparticles
    Muhammad Sharif Uddin*, Md. Mehdi Masud Talukder, Md. Tansirul Islam || download ||

  118. Life Cycle Analysis of Lead Acid Battery used in Electric Vehicles (3 Wheeler) in Bangladesh
    Md. Raquibul Hasan1,*, Dr. Nirendra Nath Mustafi2 || download ||

  119. Productivity Enhancement of Single Basin Solar Still using Nanoparticle and Phase Change Material
    K.M.Mine Uddin Emon1,*, Md. Mehdi Masud Talukder || download ||

  120. Experimental Investigation of Different Wick Materials to Enhance the Productivity of Single Slope Single Basin Solar Still
    Laxman Chandra Das*, Md. Mehdi Masud Talukder || download ||

  121. Nanomembranes for Sustainable Fresh Water Production
    Md. Nizam Uddin, Mohammed Alamir, Harish Muppalla, Muhammad Mustafizur Rahman and Ramazan Asmatulu || download ||

  122. Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics in Sports
    Firoz Alam1,*, Harun Chowdhury1, Hazim Moria2 || download ||

  123. Acoustic Emission Measurement as Adaptive Biomarker in Integrity Analysis of Knee Osteoarthritis
    T I Khan1,*, S Idei2 and T Yoshimura3 || download ||

  124. Engineering the Reliability into Products under Harsh Environments
    Sabuj Mallik || download ||

  125. Non-Singular Second Order Terminal Sliding Mode Incorporating Time Delay Estimation for Uncertain Exoskeleton Robot
    Brahim Brahmi1,*, Mohammad Habibur Rahman2, Maarouf Saad1, and Abdelkrim Brahmi1 || download ||