Volume 4 Number 1

Water Desalination Using Basin Type Solar Still
Kh. Md. Shafiul Islam, Shuvo Ramo Saha, Md. Abu Jafor and Md. Abu Raihan 01-09

Estimating Groundwater Recharge into a Shallow Unconfined Aquifer in Bangladesh
Sajal Kumar Adhikary, Tanmay Chaki, Md. Mahidur Rahman and Ashim Das Gupta 11-22

Impact of Climate Change on Floods of Bangladesh and Introducing Flood Intensity Index to Characterize the Flooding Scenario
Md. Shahjahan Ali, Tanziha Mahjabin and Takashi Hosoda 23-34

Scenario-Based Simulation and Design of Proposed Water Supply Network in Lohagara Municipality, Narail, Bangladesh
Sajal Kumar Adhikary, Tanmay Chaki and Mizanur Rahman 35-46

Synthesis and Characterization of Chlorocobaloximes Containting Phosphorous Donor Ligands as Possible Non-Organometallic Models of Vitamin B12 Md. Saddam Nawaz, Gazi Jahirul Islam, A. K. M. Nur Alam Siddiki, M. A. Yousuf and Md. Abdus Salam 47-51

Prediction of Track and Intensity of the Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Thane using Different Initial Conditions in WRF-ARW Model
Md. A E Akhter and Md. Mahbub Alam 53-59

Modular Ideals of a Nearlattice Md. Zaidur Rahman and Md. Bazlar Rahman 61-65

Assessment and Verification of Geotechnical Parameters of Reconstituted Organic Soil at South Western Region in Bangladesh
Islam M. Rafizul, Muhammed Alamgir and M. Abul Bashar 67-83

Temperature and Composition Dependence of Viscometric Behavior of Methanol, Ethanol, 1-Propanol, 1-Butanol and 1-Pentanol in Sulfolane Mixtures Md. Abdul Motin, M. Azhar Ali, M. Nazrul Islam and M. A. Hafiz Mia 85-94

Impact of Cloud Micro Physics and Cumulus Parameterization on Simulation of Heavy Rainfall Event During 15-16 October 2007 Over Bangladesh Md. Mahbub Alam 95-109

Mahogani (Swietenia Mahogani) Leaf Powder: Study of Adsorption Properties for Removal of Reactive Blue P3R Dye from Aqueous Solutions Md. Mizanur Rahman Badal, Md. Easin Ali, Meghla Akter, Gazi Jahirul Islam and Parbhej Ahamed 111-118
Influence of Composition and Sintering Temperature on Complex Permeability of Spinel Type Ni-Zn Ferrite
S. K. Shil, R. C. Sinha, A. K. M. Hakim, S. S. Sikder 119-125

Application of NWP Model and its Validation in Prediction of Heavy Rainfall in Bangladesh
Md. Abdul Mannan, Md. Abdul Mannan Chowdhury, Samarendra Karmakar and Md. Nazrul Islam 127-140

Spectroscopic Study of Copper-Glutamic Acid Interaction and Determination of Stability Constant
Mir Mahadi Hasan, Md. Elius Hossain, and M. Q. Ehsan 141-145

Limitation to Implement Green Supply Chain Management in Bangladeshi Industries Perspective
Ripon Kumar Saha, Md. Abdul Quddus, Md. Safi Rashed 147-153