Volume 1 Number 1 & 2

Effects of Flow and Atomizer Parameters on the Spray Cone Angle in a Hollow Cone Swirl Atomizer
M. R. Halder, A. Al-Faruk and M. H. Nabi

Fibre-Reinforced Polymers for Structural Rehabilitation: A Survey of Recent Progress
Md. Rashadul Islam, Ajoy Kumar Das and Sheikh Moklesur Rahman

A Study of the Thermal and Dielectric Properties of Cobalt Sulfide Thin Films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis Technique
M. A. Sattar, M. Mozibur Rahman, M. K. R. Khan and M. G. M. Choudhury

Finitely Generated n-ideals which form m-normal Lattices
Md. Abul Kalam Azad, Md. Bazlar Rahaman and A. S. A. Noor

Compactness in Fuzzy Supra Topological Spaces
M. Y. Molla, D. M. Ali and Md. Bazlar Rahman

Potential Impacts of Incorporating EFR into Multi-purpose Reservoir Operation Policy and Irrigation Management in the Hari Rod River Basin, Afghanistan
Sajal Kumar Adhikary, Said Shakib Atef, Ashim Das Gupta, Mukand S. Babel, Roberto S. Clemente and Sylvain R. Perret

Simulation of Dead Zone Flows in an Open Channel with Secondary Currents
Md. Shahjahan Ali, Tanziha Mahjabin and Takashi Hosoda

Reverbank Erosion and Sustainable Protection Strategies
Md. Shofiul Islam

Treatment of Textile Wastewater with Activated Carbon Produced from Rice Husk
M. Mahmudur Rahman, Q. Hamidul Bari and M. Abu Yousuf

Structural and Magnetic Properties of Cu Substituted Ni-Cu-Zn Ferrites
Z. H. Khan, S. S. Sikder, M. A. Hakim, D. K. Saha and S. Noor

Control System Design of a Field Oriented VSI-FED Induction Motor Drive with CRTRL Flux Estimator
Md. Abdur Rafiq, Md. Habibullah and B. C. Ghosh

Viewing of Severe Cyclonic Strom “AILA” through MM5 with Different Parameterization Schemes
Md . A. E. Akhter, Md. Mahbub Alam and M. Arif Hossain

Modeling and Performance Analysis of Photovoltaic Modules
Mahmuda Ahmed Tanni and Mohiuddin Ahmad

Solar Thermal Power Generation using Cylindrical Parabolic Collector
Subrata Talapatra and Azizur Rahman

Crossover– a Redundant Operator for Solving System of Linear Equations by Uniform Adaptive Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms
A. R. M. Jalal Uddin Jamali, M. Arif Hossain and M. M. A. Hashem