Workshop On Raspberry Pi

Fab Lab KUET is proudly organizing a workshop on “Raspberry Pi” for the young innovators of Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Khulna.

About Workshop:

Day 1
1. Demonstration of a complete project by instructors
2. Introduction to Raspberry Pi
a. When we need one, when we need an Operating System
b. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor based
c. What can be done using Raspberry Pi
3. Introduction to Linux & Debian Systems
a. What is Linux, why it is preferred in embedded system and the
area of application?
b. Basic commands
c. Basic Linux operations
4. Configuring Raspberry Pi
a. Headless Configuration
b. What are the known issues and how to fix them?
5. Interface
a. How to use GPIO using various languages [Python, C/C++]
b. Interfacing digital sensors
c. Interfacing modules and camera

Day 2
1. Quick review on last day’s topics
2. Team distribution
3. Project distribution
4. Skeleton code distribution
5. Team mentoring
6. Finishing each project with a proper documentation

1. The workshop is open for all the students of batch 2k14 from
2. Students from all departments can apply.
3.Those who will qualify the steps of selection process will attend
the workshop.
4.Only 30 participants will get the opportunity to attend the
5. Participants should have basic programming knowledge on C or

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