Seminar on FABLAB in KUET: Aims & Opportunity

#How will this Lab function?
#How can you be a Part of it?
#What work can be done here?
#How will this effect your future career?
#What are the qualities that we are looking for?
#What are the challenges that you need to overcome?
#How innovative projects are turned to be a commercial products?

***All of your questions and much more will be discussed in the seminar by our guests.

Dr. Pallab Choudhury
Professor, Dept. of ECE, KUET &
Sub-Project Manager, Fab Lab KUET

Md. Miftah Uddin
MD, Ubitrix BD Ltd.
CTO, Virtuell Space, USA

Mohammad Tauseef Anwar
Founding member,
Fab Lab Dhaka

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