Call for FabLab Student Operators-2021

Call for FabLab Student Operators – 2021

In order to advance the current activities, FabLab KUET is going to form a Student Operating Team consisting of students from all departments of KUET. Interested students of 2nd & 3rd-year undergraduate levels are invited to fill up the following Google Form within 7th November 2021.

Google Form Link:

The selected members for the Team will have to bear the following responsibilities and benefits:

  1. Present at FabLab for at least 5 hours in a week. This may vary upon the availability of staff and other members.
  2. Help students and others in completing fabrication works.
  3. Have knowledge and receive proper training about the components and machinery (CNC Machine, 3D printer, Laser cutter, PCB drilling machine, etc.) running in the Lab.
  4. Keep a record of activities in the Lab Book and report to the Lab Manager.
  5. Have active participation and provide volunteer services during any workshop/training programs run by the Lab.
  6. No financial benefits will be provided to any member. However, the member can utilize the available resources and facilities of the Lab to implement their projects.
  7. A certificate will be issued at the end of this appointment based on their satisfactory performance.

FabLab Management Team