First Product of FABLAB is successfully handed over to honourable VC sir

Finally the first product of Fablab is successfully delivered to our honourable Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammed Alamgir sir on Thursday, 8th March,2018. We made a name plate for VC sir with the help of Laser Cutter which has been arrived recently. This was done by the operators of fablab. When we were presenting the product, Sub-project Manager Mahbub Hasan sir, Associate Professor, Dept. of EEE was there. Operators Mamun(EEE), Shohol(BECM), Shovon(CSE), Shefa(IEM), Rana(ME) was also present there.
This is a very good moment for us. Hopefully more products will be prepared from now as we have more machines to come. These machines will make a good impact on students creativity and also helpful tool for them in the near future.
An online news portal already featured a news about this event.
Link: News Feature

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