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Sundarban Mangrove Forest

Royal Bengal Tiger In Sundarban

Royal Bengal Tiger In Sundarban

Sundarban is the world biggest mangrove forest. In Bangladesh tourism, Sundarban plays the most vital role. A large number of foreigners come to Bangladesh every year only to visit this unique mangrove forest. Besides, local tourists also go to visit Sundarban every year.

Shat Gombuz Mosque

Shat Gambuz Mosque

Shat Gambuz Mosque

In mid-15th century, a Muslim colony was founded in the inhospitable mangrove forest of the Sundarbans near the seacoast in the Bagerhat district by an obscure saint-General, named Ulugh Khan Jahan.




        Mongla Port

Mongla  Sea Port

Mongla Sea PortMongla Port is the second largest seaport of Bangladesh.In Bangladesh Economy Mongla Port plays a vital role. There are a good number of prawn hatcheries in Mongla. Mongla is a sea port in the Bagerhat District of south-western Bangladesh





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